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Regional Councils

Dattner Group has a significant footprint in regional councils in Australia. Why? Our purpose is to transform the practice of leadership and create legacies for the future.

In the realm of the local council, this purpose is writ large, permating way beyond the limits of the organisation and beyond, into the community.

Find out all about some of the work we’ve done, and if you’re a leader in a council yourself, get in touch with us today. We know how to help.

Case Studies

Broken Hill City Council Case Study

A deep commitment to investing and collaborating with their people at all organisational levels during complex and uncertain times, saw Broken Hill City Council make a vital shift towards a constructive, empowered culture.

Armidale Regional Council Case Study

Read how Armidale Regional Council navigated a merger and went from being a council that has ‘nothing to be proud of’ to one that is repeatedly being nominated for awards.

City of Greater Bendigo Case Study

Explore how The City of Greater Bendigo is bridging the gap between intention, action and outcomes when it comes to gender equity. And how their approach is yielding substantial benefits at Council.

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Regional Council Blog

Why CEOs and GMs need each other

Many years of working with leadership teams in vastly different contexts has taught me a lot about what we don’t say.It has been said that it’s lonely at the top. It isn’t always easy to find someone to talk to, as an equal, about the things that keep you awake at night.

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A change in (local) leadership: Councillors and the administration they are elected to influence

In Australia, we have three tiers of government: federal, state and local. I and the DG team have worked in all three, though I personally have developed a sweet spot for local government. They are so close to my home and do so much for the community I live in and are, for the large part, invisible and unthanked.

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Emotional Intelligence Culture

Imagine for a moment you’re abseiling up a rock wall. You get halfway up, stop momentarily and look down. In that moment you realise you’re afraid of heights and paralysed with fear. Gasping for air, heart rate racing, fuzzy head, and that oh so sick feeling in your stomach.

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An amazing 72-year-old and a transformational leadership initiative

We have done a range of things for this progressive and deeply committed organisation, from deep level cultural work to the development of strategy (and cultural strategy), to leadership development and elevating the skill and visibility of women leading.

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Fabian Dattner’s 3 Tips when navigating your first 10 months as a regional CEO

Fabian Dattner chats to Chris Eddy from Local Government New Roundup about how regional councils can attract and retain the best people, and leadership insights to deal with wicked problems and challenges.

Armidale Regional Council (ARC) has been recognised with a NSW Local Government Excellence Award nomination for its Women in Leadership Program.

Stories from the frontline: attracting the best local government workforce

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