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Homeward Bound

The global leadership initiative for women in STEMM was born right here at Dattner Group.

Two years later, Fabian, 76 women and a faculty of eight, spent 20 days at sea, exploring and building the attributes of leadership that would together help the women involved be more courageous in their action on behalf of a sustainable world and more able to collaborate on initiatives of importance. This first expedition was a significant learning experience for everyone involved and has since evolved significantly.

The fuel for Homeward Bound’s vision was always Fabian’s deep care for women, her expertise in leadership, her love of science her concern for the state of the planet.

Homeward Bound ship AntarcticaSince the advent of Homeward Bound, Fabian’s vision of creating a global network of women in STEMM equipped with a new model of leadership; has evolved into a larger commitment to seeing more women leading through Dattner Group’s visionary leadership program – Compass, and the work Dattner Group does to create transformational outcomes in leadership, culture, strategy, and organisational change.

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Case study
Read about how Dattner Group gave birth to a global initiative for women in STEMM

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Homeward Bound’s legacy includes some extraordinary milestones. Here are a few.

The first voyage to Antarctica in 2016 was accompanied by a documentary film crew, led by director Ili Bare from Bunya Productions.

The resulting documentary reveals the complexities, challenges, and unrelenting lessons of leadership, that continue to reverberate today at Dattner Group and throughout the Homeward Bound faculty.

As ever, what got us to here today, is not what will get us to where we are heading. This is the mantra that propels us at every intersection of the journey.

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