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Compass transformational leadership for women

The Flagship Program

The Flagship Program

Compass Flagship aids women to achieve greater clarity, lead purposefully and influence at work, home and everywhere in between.

For Women

Unearth your authentic leadership style to have greater influence and impact

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For Organisations

Support and champion the women in your organisation to have greater impact

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Upcoming Courses

Sept 2024


Module 1: Sept 12 & 13
Module 2: Oct 10 & 11
Module 3: Nov 7 & 8
Graduation: Dec 6

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Feb 2025


Module 1: Feb 13 & 14
Module 2: Mar 13 & 14
Module 3: Apr 3 & 4
Graduation: May 2

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Apr 2025


Module 1: Apr 10 & 11
Module 2: May 8 & 9
Module 3: Jun 19 & 20
Graduation: Jul 4

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Jun 2025


Module 1: Jun 26 & 27
Module 2: Jul 24 & 25
Module 3: Aug 21 & 22
Graduation: Sept 19

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Hear from business leaders and program participants

Kirsty Costa & Laura Cochrane

Zoos Victoria & NAB

Men supporting women in Compass

SAP & Australian Antarctic Division

Angelina Jeyarajah

HER Africa

Compass has supported women globally to take a more courageous path and lead authentically to have greater influence and impact.


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Module 1 (2 Days)

  • This module explores your purpose for leading at home, and work, and allows you to gain clarity about the direction and actions you need to take today in order to set you up to achieve the goals you are striving for in the future
  • You will go through an immersive values elicitation exercise and be able to identify your core values that drive you
  • You’ll be connected with the wider group and your triad: two other women you’ll work closely with throughout the program and who become your coaches, trusted advisers and, in many cases, lifelong friends

Key Take Outs

  • Clearer sense of your core values and what situations work for you and what situations/people can trigger you
  • Clarity around why you do what you do and why it is important to you

Module 2 (2 Days)

  • We will focus on understanding individual thinking styles and exploring our own self-talk via the Life Styles Inventory (LSI) diagnostic
  • Referred to by a Compass alumna as “a roadmap to my brain”, the LSI provides clarity in understanding yourself and the way you think and behave with others
  • Explore the concept of mindfulness and discover practical, valuable techniques for honing and growing your constructive leadership style
  • Meet with a panel of fellow leader-travellers via an open and honest Q&A panel session on the challenges and triumphs of their leadership journey

 Key Take Outs

  • Clarity around the power of your individual self-talk and using stories to both power and dis-empower
  • Visibility on the ideal leadership landscape through the lens of Constructive leaders
  • Greater self-awareness to move through challenging situations
  • Isolate and re-frame limiting beliefs that have held you back

Module 3 (2 Days)

  • Understand the principles of emotional agility and discover techniques to unhook from stories that might be making you feel stuck 
  • Be led by Australia’s leading expert in body language, voice and human behaviour to learn practical skills to enhance presence and impact
  • Take a look at various learning styles and how to better influence and craft your message to engage an audience via the 4Mat Learning Type Measure (LTM)

Key Take Outs:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of effective communication via knowledge of different learning types
  • Understand how to succinctly craft a message to engage your target audience, along with valuable presentation skills
  • Finalise your strategic action plan that encompasses your goals, values and purpose
  • Unlock the courage within you to better lead and achieve your visionary goals, both personally and professionally

Graduation (1 Day)

  • This is a celebration of the learnings that have occurred over the course of three months, an integration day where women work in their triads to present their story
  • This is always a highly emotive, engaging and thought-provoking day that showcases women’s leadership at its best
  • An opportunity to influence and practice – participants invite key allies, colleagues and collaborators to join the audience

Please note this is an entirely online program.

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