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Who we are

Leadership activists, story tellers and partners to your purpose.

Where did Dattner Group start? Truthfully, out of the ashes of failure. Our founder, Fabian Dattner, headed up the Stephen Dattner Group in the seventies. She had the distinguished achievement of inheriting a $2 million business, turning it into a $20 million business and then a $0 business. Quite an achievement, all by the age of 29.

At the age of 30, she decided (having written a book titled Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained, published by Penguin, 1992), that there was much for her to learn, stepping out of 300 years in the fashion industry (really) and away from a history of entrepreneurs, into an exploration of her own sense of purpose and values and what this might mean to others.

Jump forward a few years and, what started as Fabian Dattner & Co, a consultancy helping leaders listen to their own people (as indeed she learnt would have saved her own bacon as CEO of that SD Group), eventually turned into the Dattner Group today – a team of passionate leadership practioners, facilitators and coaches.

On the way, she dreamt up Homeward Bound Projects, now a global initiative representing some 90 different countries and some 56 different sciences. This is a fully fledged not for profit dedicated to elevating the visibility of women leading with a STEMM background.