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What we do

Dattner Group partners with organisations all around the world to drive increased self-awareness in leaders at all levels, by examining organisational culture and strategy, values, individual preferences and purpose and vision, so that everyone has the passion and skills to influence.

We understand business, culture and the practice of leadership like you know the back of your own hands. We have lived and breathed it for decades. Why do we obsess about this trifecta? Because mastering the three together is an unambiguous way to sustainable success.

We have researched, trialled, coached, facilitated and designed endless bespoke processes for organisations as varied as government, entrepreneurial, corporate, not for profit, education, regional, metro. We’ve worked in North America, LATAM, Europe, UK.

Most of all we are courageous, data informed and purposeful in helping you, your team, your people. We will always provide honest, informed and generous support.

So what do we do? Diagnostics, facilitation, coaching, expert assessment of individuals, teams and cultures; we marry culture strategy mapping to strategy, we help executive have superb relationships with themselves and boards.

We are exactly the kind of help many dream of and few provide. We are fun, inspiring, thoughtful, serious, skilled and insightful.

This is a statement of loyalty, commitment and knowledge on your behalf.