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For the Greater Good

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A good leader never graduates. They just get wiser.

Creating a culture of rapid and adaptive learning allows people to contribute to our complex and changing world.  The need and expectation to acquire new skills and knowledge has intensified. Equally, organisations want to populate themselves with switched on leaders at all levels – resilient, self-directed learners who can innovate, adapt strategies and progress common goals together. These leaders are what we need to optimise our future. They are deeply self-aware, guided by their values, driving purpose and sustaining constructive relationships. They are collaborative, inclusive and legacy minded.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is recognised as one of the most impactful ways to develop and achieve in adaptive environments.  It is a practice that optimises the resourcefulness and potential within people, teams and businesses.  To advance and strive for the higher goals, it takes more than execution of task. It’s about leveraging potential and removing interferences or barriers.

Our coaching team’s driving purpose is leadership for the greater good.  The leadership that got us to where we are, will not get us to where we need to go. Work has changed, organisations have flattened, collaboration and inclusion must be the lived experience (and not a slogan plastered to a wall) with leadership under the microscope of trust.

The Dattner Group coaching suite offers leadership development, targeted to your context.  We’d love you to take a look around, see what suits your needs and get in touch – We want to hear your story of leadership – where you’ve been, where you are now and where you’re going.  Let’s talk about how we can help you get there.

Organisational Coaching

Changing the world as a collective starts with one crucial part. Yours.

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Personalised Coaching

When life is a journey, it helps to know how to navigate it.

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Women Led Ventures

Your company has flourished. Now, how do you keep that going?

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Michelle Crouch

Coaching Co Director


As a Director in both Dattner Group and Homeward Bound, I am mindfully committed to social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Since 2005, I have been the financial steward of the business, enabling a more stable proposition of success.

Success in business for me is to build more inclusive and sustainable resources, reduce inequality and focus on agility and resilience during challenging times. Constructive leadership remains at the heart of the matter and is needed more than ever before. I bring these insights to my coaching and facilitation practice, supporting other leaders through their personal growth and change commitments.

Take the first step, unlock your courage, and walk with us in the new paradigm of leadership.

More about Michelle

Cass Trumble

Coaching Co Director


I’ve always been driven to make a little difference to lives and workplaces where I can add value and insight. As a coach, culture and change leader, I know that the practice of leadership tests all of us at times.

The path is never linear, but windy, bumpy and challenging. The direction and decisions may be complex and uncertain. For talented people to willingly walk with you, you’ll foster shared purpose and commitment.

My road to working with leaders was underpinned by a ‘learning for life’ mantra, from veterinary surgeon to the leadership table in the Health and Energy sectors across Asia Pacific, working hard to ensure our decision makers and influencers are visible and reflective of our communities and customers.

I’m passionate about how all species are interconnected and how humans can continue to learn and ensure we all thrive together on this planet we share.

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  • Hodi Beauliv, Executive Manager Business Development, Sunraysia Community Health Services

    Through monthly one-on-one coaching sessions coach Michelle Crouch helped me develop a plan to embed what I learned from the Compass leadership course into my day to day actions. She helped me add even more tools to my leadership toolbox, further building my emotional intelligence and resilience to consistently operate from a constructive leadership perspective. She was always there to support me, asking the right questions whenever I faced a challenge. Michelle made it possible for me to successfully transition to an executive level role. Thank you, Michelle!

  • Helena Hurley, CEO – Good Return

    Compass has given me a renewed sense of energy and hope. It has provided me with invaluable insights as well as a number of tools to apply in my professional and personal life. It has helped me set sail into the future with greater purpose.

  • Brigid O’Sullivan, Mgr Communications – Western Water

    "The program has been transformational, grounded in theory, and facilitated with empathy and power. Each graduate will remain with me on my leadership development journey, as will the diagnostics and insight."

Amanda Ratnam – Clayton Utz

    "The Compass program was inspiring and life-changing for me. I learnt, but, most of all, experienced. Becoming more self-aware has already led to better outcomes for those I work with, deal with and for me, most of all. I cannot express how thankful I am for the opportunity to be a part of it."


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