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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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    Flagship Leadership

    Achieve greater clarity, lead purposefully and influence at work, home and everywhere in between


Dattner Group is proud to offer the flagship leadership program as part of our comprehensive suite of Compass leadership programs, courses and services throughout Australia and New Zealand, including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth

The Compass Leadership Program for women is a transformational journey that links women’s ambition with their deepest sense of purpose and core values.

In 7 days over 3 months, either in-person or online, you can expect to get a new level of self-awareness and understanding around why you do what you do, and how the stories you tell yourself may well be the only thing holding you back. You will receive phenomenal insights into how to effectively communicate with the people in your life, and a level of personal clarity and energy you might not have felt in a while.

This course is holistic in nature and enhances leadership capability at work and home and can re-frame the way you view yourself so you can lead authentically, with influence, and in alignment with your values.




The feedback on our recent online Compass Leadership courses has been overwhelmingly positive and as a result, we are thrilled to be able to launch additional program options, either online or in-person (subject to Government guidelines) in 2021. This allows us to share the magic of Compass with more women, no matter what their geographic location. We will continue to reserve the right to adapt any in-person programs in accordance to relevant Government guidelines at the time.

Who is This Course For ?


Women who are capable yet can doubt their ability to step up and be visible.


Women who want to create sustainable cultural change within their organisation.


Looking for ways to effectively communicate and engage employees whilst enhancing their personal leadership capabilities.


Thinking of a career change, extra study or gaining clarity on ‘what next’.


  • Module 1 (2 Days)

    • This module explores your purpose for leading at home, and work, and allows you to gain clarity about the direction and actions you need to take today in order to set you up to achieve the goals you are striving for in the future
    • You will go through an immersive values elicitation exercise and be able to identify your core values that drive you
    • You’ll be connected with the wider group and your triad: two other women you’ll work closely with throughout the program and who become your coaches, trusted advisers and, in many cases, lifelong friends


    Key Take Outs

    • Clearer sense of your core values and what situations work for you and what situations/people can trigger you
    • Clarity around why you do what you do and why it is important to you
  • Module 2 (2 Days)

    • We will focus on understanding individual thinking styles and exploring our own self-talk via the Life Styles Inventory (LSI) diagnostic
    • Referred to by a Compass alumna as “a roadmap to my brain” the LSI provides clarity in understanding yourself and the way you think and behave with others
    • We will explore the concept of mindfulness and be immersed in a mindfulness workshop from a leading expert
    • We connect the group to real life leaders via a Q&A panel session who speak openly and honestly about the challenges and triumphs of their leadership journey


    Key Take Outs

    • Clarity around the power of your individual self-talk and using stories to both power and dis-empower
    • Visibility on the ideal leadership landscape through the lens of Constructive leaders
    • Greater self-awareness to move through challenging situations
    • Isolate and re-frame limiting beliefs that have held you back
  • Module 3 (2 Days)

    • We complete a personal strategy map by pulling key focus points into one document – purpose, values, personal outcomes – for myself, relationships and work; what I need to focus on to make it happen and increase my visibility
    • We look at various learning styles and how to better influence and craft your message to engage an audience via the 4MAT Learning Type Measure (LTM)
    • Exploration into what authentic visibility is to you in both work and life, resulting in completion of a visibility plan that is authentic to you and your goals


    Key Take Outs

    • Understanding the fundamentals of effective communication via knowledge of various learning types
    • Understanding how to succinctly craft a message to engage your target audience
    • A tangible action plan that encompasses your goals, values and purpose
    • A personalised authentic visibility plan
    • Unlock the courage within you to better lead and achieve your visionary goals, both personally and professionally
  • Graduation (1 Day)

    • This is a celebration of the learnings which have occurred over the course of three months, an integration day where women work in their triads to present their story
    • This is always a highly emotive, engaging and thought-provoking day which showcases women’s leadership at its best
  • Mentoring (12 months post program)

    • 12 months of post course support with bi-monthly group mentoring sessions
    • Each session will deep dive into a specific topic and build upon the knowledge gained in the course
    • Interactive live sessions where participants can ask questions and live workshop any current challenges


  • Engaging and experiential
    facilitation from leadership experts

  • Accountability groups throughout the
    course duration

  • Diagnostic tools grounded in
    scientific research

  • Additional coaching support
    (links to coaching)

  • Holistic so you obtain enduring results
    for all parts of life

  • Bi-monthly group mentoring
    sessions post course completion

  • Immersive peer learning environment

  • Access to the growing alumnae network



    • Module 1: 25-26 Nov 2021
    • Module 2: 13-14 Dec 2021
    • Module 3: 20-21 Jan 2022
    • Graduation: 18 Feb 2022



    • Module 1: 24-25 Feb 2022
    • Module 2: 24-25 Mar 2022
    • Module 3: 28-29 Apr 2022
    • Graduation: 27 May 2022



    • Module 1: 5-6 May 2022
    • Module 2: 2-3 Jun 2022
    • Module 3: 30 Jun & 1 Jul 2022
    • Graduation: 29 Jul 2022


Here’s what men have to say about supporting women in leadership


  • Annaliese Battista, Director Planning and Place – City of Stonnington

    Compass takes you on a journey of self-reflection, helps you discover your values and anchor all of your decisions – small and major – in what is truly important to you. Compass has given me powerful tools to be a better leader, wife and friend.

  • Vicky Ly, VP Operations – Vanguard Global Sourcing

    Using video conferencing actually makes the class feel more intimate. All of sudden you're meeting people's children, their pets, their spouse. You get a window into someone's personal life and there's a real common bond. It's been a wonderful experience meeting people this way.

  • Alice Richardson, Associate Professor, ANU

    I am convinced that my experience at Compass made the difference that meant I achieved a promotion to a leadership role within my organisation the following year. I learnt so much about myself, and about leadership, that will help me in my new role. My Triad has been really successful in continuing after the Compass course, and knowing that we three women are there for each other is incredibly powerful. All aspiring women leaders in my organisation should get involved in Compass!

  • Rebecca Norman

    I haven’t stopped thinking about what now can be possible for me by completing Compass. After the first 2 days my main observation was watching a room full of strangers sharing and caring for each other so well.  By sharing my story, I finally realised that I wasn’t on my own and although the vulnerability was quiet overwhelming, I always felt safe and secure.
    After the 2 sessions I felt a shift in myself, like I had been physically and mentally adjusted and the words and confidence that I’ve been searching for were now slowly appearing.

  • Natalie Egleton, CEO, Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR)

    Compass was the first time that I had focussed on myself and my personal values, vision and purpose. The program gave me space to delve deeply into why I operate the way that I do and what was holding me back from being an impactful leader. The tools and frameworks used in Compass provided a format to see myself clearly and to shift though patterns that were stopping me from being effective.

  • Caroline Stainkamph, Head of IT Leadership and Culture Change, Computershare

    Worth every cent! Time to reflect and tools to help you understand who you are and what your purpose is in life. Connecting with so many women who, just like me, have self-doubt and yet we are so amazing in our own right. To quiet the voices in my head that give me doubt and provide strategies to focus on being constructive to help me move forward in my career. To understand that I am a whole person, and to be authentic means paying attention to all aspects of me – work and family and friends.



  • Is the course only available to women in traditional leadership roles?

    The Compass course is open to the public, as such we attract a diverse mix of women from varying career and life stages. This peer learning environment provides a backdrop for richer conversations and the opportunity to expand your network.
  • How does this course differ to other leadership courses?

    The Compass course is experiential in nature, providing enduring results for the individual. The course explores why you do what you do; by understanding this you can solve how to do it. It is holistic in nature and incorporates a whole of life approach to leadership.
  • What support will I get in the course?

    Each cohort is supported by experienced facilitators and a dedicated program manager to answer any queries you may have. You will also be supported by your learning group that you will work with in the duration of the course, not to mention the 1000 strong alumnae network of Compass women.
  • I am currently not in a leadership role. Is the course still relevant for me?

    Certainly. We approach leadership as a state of mind, not a job title. You may be an emerging artist, a woman returning to work after having children or the CEO of a large corporation. We challenge you, and will empower you, to develop your leadership in whatever sphere you wish to have impact. First and foremost, this means showing up to and valuing yourself.
  • What happens if I miss a course day?

    We offer catch up sessions via video conference for participants who miss course days. This session is typically 2 hrs long, however we work with you to ensure you feel familiar with the content moving forward and can allocate more catch ups and support if needed.
  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes, we offer payment plans for women who are self-funding. Typically, we require a $500 deposit to secure your place and from there can work with you to structure a suitable payment plan. The cost of the course must be paid on the graduation day. Please contact us for more.
  • How do I apply for a scholarship?

    In each program we offer a select number of scholarship positions to women who are facing financial hardship or who are working in the not for profit sector. Please contact us for more details on how to apply.
  • How long is each course day?

    Each course day is from 9am – 5pm.