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City of Greater Bendigo – Empowering Women Leaders: Insights from the Compass Program

The City of Greater Bendigo (CoGB), situated in central Victoria, recognises the importance of fostering women leaders amidst significant regional growth and societal change. With a commitment to inclusivity and visionary leadership, the City embarked on a journey with the Dattner Group’s Compass Leadership Program in 2016. Over the years, around 50 women from the City have participated, navigating obstacles such as the pandemic. This case study, commissioned in 2023, highlights the impact of the program on participants, the City, and the community.

The study, featuring insights from interviews and survey data, underscores several key themes. Firstly, the Compass program serves as a catalyst for empowerment and confidence-building among women leaders. Through self-reflective exercises and skill development, participants emerge as more assertive advocates for change, impacting both their professional and personal lives positively.

Secondly, the program facilitates a journey of self-discovery, enhancing participants’ self-awareness and equipping them with the tools to make informed decisions and lead authentically.

Thirdly, participation in Compass ignites a drive for positive change, encouraging women to embrace challenges and innovate within their roles.

Furthermore, the program fosters a supportive network of women leaders within the City, enabling mentorship, idea exchange, and mutual support.

Lastly, Compass instills a values-driven approach to leadership, aligning decisions with integrity and ethics, thereby promoting a sense of shared purpose and unity within the organization.

The case study showcases the transformative impact of investing in women’s leadership development, exemplified through the experiences of women leaders at the City of Greater Bendigo.

To find out exactly how much impact the Compass program has had read the full case study.