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Working with you to change the practice of leadership

Big change, little by little

Working with you to change the practise of leadership

Big change, little by little


Dattner Group is a specialist global consultancy influencing the practice of leadership for a sustainable future.

We help leaders and organisations pursue and embrace change for a future that acknowledges the many complex challenges we are all faced with and encompasses the full breadth of everything we are capable of. And we are ready to help you create big change, little by little.

How do we help? With custom-designed programs, deeply informed by research and crafted in close collaboration with you.

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If you are a leader who wants to change our world for the better, Dattner Group enables and facilitates deep, constructive thinking and influential action, so that you and your organisation can create a future you want to live in, rather than one you feel powerless to change.

Since founding in 1990 ...


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Global movement started


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