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For the Greater Good

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Courage – Accountability – Collaboration

Leadership Development Programs and Management Courses Across Australia


Dattner Group is a collaboration of brands that are committed to changing the narrative of leadership, for the greater good. We are a full-spectrum leadership consultancy and work with organisations who realise the significant challenges of our times, and who want to make a tangible difference through culture change, leadership development, gender balance and recruitment.

New program content and business Coaching



These times are placing unusual pressures on teams and cultures.
We have developed a number of new programs in direct response to these challenges:


Maintaining team cohesion and sense of ‘can do’

Why listening matters and why we are so bad at it

Making communications easy in hard times

Staying connected and preventing silos

Keeping exec teams sane and united


In addition to the above new content, we are expanding our business coaching services to cater for the many new needs of individuals working in unfamiliar territory.



Leadership and Culture Development

Our leadership and culture division, delivering the tools, knowledge and expertise to executive and senior leadership teams, allowing them to challenge the norms and bring about lasting change within their organisation, at all levels. We create transformational outcomes in leadership, culture, strategy, organisation change and high-performing teams.

Visionary Leadership for Women

Compass is a suite of visionary leadership programs and services for women. Participants come from a vast range of backgrounds and professional experience, often seeking additional leadership skills for their current position, or preparing for their next move or life-stage.

Australian leadership development programs

Transformational facilitators

Our facilitators are leaders with authentic experience at all levels, who apply their knowledge to inspire and equip leaders to face the challenges of tomorrow.

leadership qualities

Inspiring speakers

Setting the exact emotional tone to connect the audience to both themselves and each other. Speakers that make people feel the true potential of their humanity.

leadership skills

Proven experience

With over 30 years’ experience, we develop our clients from a position of experience, having led teams and businesses, coached others, and been in the shoes of those leaders with whom we work.

Dattner Grant - Homeward Bound Image

Dattner Group is a proud strategic partner of Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound is a ground-breaking, global leadership initiative committed to building a global network of 1000 women in STEMM to lead and influence decision making as it shapes our planet.

Organisations we’ve worked with

Premiering at the Sydney
Film Festival in 2020

The Leadership

is a reality TV-style look at one
of the most courageous leadership journeys in modern history:
Homeward Bound

Photo: Pieter de Vries