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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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    A comprehensive suite of leadership programs, courses and services unlocking courage in Women

    Supporting women so they can be seen and heard — in the workplace, at home and everywhere in between.


50 %

Australian Female
University Graduates

16 %

Women in the

10 %

Women's Voices
in the Media

12 / 16

Leadership Capabilities:
Women Outperform Men


Having successfully delivered our most recent Compass programs in an online forum, we are excited to announce that moving forward we will now have the option for participants to attend either ‘Compass Online’, or (once restrictions have been further lifted) to attend an in-person program in either Melbourne or Sydney. The feedback from the online programs has been overwhelmingly positive and as a result, we are thrilled to be able to launch an additional program option this year, which allows us to share the magic of Compass with more women, no matter what their geographic location.


In-house & Industry

An internal Compass program designed specifically for organisations

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Flagship Leadership

A 7-day course open to the public and organisations for women of all ages

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Tailored Coaching

Open to Compass alumnae and the public to create individual enduring behavioural change

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  • Tracey Pickham, Team Leader – Transport for NSW

    I wasn't sure how the course was going to be exactly structured. It has exceeded my expectations. So very excited for the course and to continue working with such wonderful / encouraging facilitators and beautiful participants. I have so much to learn and understand personally and I feel confident this course will greatly help me in achieving this!

  • Christie Little, Co-founder, Workplace Performance Consultant and Coach – Frontier Wellbeing

    The virtual version of Compass was not only as good as the original, but better, it upped the level of inclusivity and belongingness. I felt that all voices were heard and all people were seen. It was a such a psychologically safe space for a transformative leadership journey.

  • Rachel Mather, Epidemiologist / Research Officer – Hunter New England Health

    Almost as good as a group of women in a room is a group of friendly faces of Zoom! Especially in these times. Graciously convened given the circumstances and limited time the Compass crew had to pull together online facilitation.

  • Maggie Whitnall, Senior Client Services Manager – Neustar

    I came to Compass because I needed to change the status quo, both personally and professionally. I had reached a point where I couldn’t do this alone. What Compass has ultimately given me is clarity and a pathway. Equally, Compass has given me a tribe, a group of women who have contributed so readily to the program with courage and humility. They, along with my triad, have shown me what is achievable and that I’m not alone in my quest to be a great leader in all aspects of life.

  • Toni Jackson, Director – SAP Fieldglass

    I personally felt like I had serious issues with my ability to manage the amount of work I had on my plate and be a respected leader. I blamed my age, sex and some type of hormonal mental fog, I blamed the new acquisition and whether I could fit in. I basically blamed myself for everything "Hell I am 50, I should know better, I have read books, have the app, paid for the coach" but it wasn't until Compass that the light bulb came on. This course helped me understand me at the core level.

  • Erin Turner, Development Analyst – Frasers Property Australia

    I got so much more out of Compass than I thought. So much different to your ‘traditional’ training course – not even in the same world. I learnt so much about myself, things I’ve gone decades without thinking about, or dealing with. I’m grateful for the ‘work’ Compass has made me do – it’s been hard, but it’s been worth it.


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