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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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There is a lot of rhetoric about collaboration. Yet we think it is the one leadership skill, together with building a legacy mindset, that might help all of us pass a legacy to our children, and they in turn to their children, which secures the sustainability of our species.

Our planet is going to get warmer, and a lot warmer and a lot faster than we might wish. The consequences of this warming are scary, for some terrifying.

Dattner Group say crisis is ‘dangerous opportunity’ IF you wrap your head around the problem as a leader, and IF you recognise you can’t possibly know all the answers, and IF you invest every day in working WITH people, not over them.

Collaboration needs three focal points for leadership – these should be the mantra of a modern leadership revolution:

  1. What I want must be what we need – the days of self-interest, greed over legacy, I over we are done; the faster you accept this, the better your options are.
  2. To truly understand others, you have to do two things: know yourself, and listen to the perspectives of others. The leader who has stopped developing has stopped leading. Listening is an art. You must listen to what is done and said and what is not done and not said.
  3. Act for the greater good. The truth is, 130 years from now, no one on the planet today will be alive. It’s a sobering thought. If you are leading, behave with a legacy mindset; we will be judged by what we leave not what we take.


Brilliant collaboration needs:

  1. Working with the right people (aligned in will and values as much as skill)
  2. Deeply shared understanding of the problem being addressed
  3. An opportunity to craft a vision of the problem solved
  4. Engagement to the actions taken to build the vision
  5. Freedom to act towards the vision, using own best judgement
  6. Understanding that mistakes are part of learning – no blame and no judgement
  7. Clear expectations of the whole and its parts
  8. Fluid communication in all directions
  9. R & R
  10. Fun


Fabian Dattner, Founder Dattner Group & CEO Homeward Bound