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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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In our work Dattner Group consistently see women put their development behind the needs of everyone else - family, friends and colleagues. Yet, though this holds many women back, it also links to their greatest strengths.

Over decades of working with women, we have often observed that women find every reason not to put their development first. When we hear the reasons why their development comes last, we know it’s the perfect time for the individual to attend our women in leadership program, Compass. This same resistance is an insight into the fundamental strength of women. Their natural ability to put the collective first is why Compass exists – because we deeply believe that supporting women to be better leaders and giving them the opportunity to see themselves as leaders will create the best future for our planet.


Women often need a variety of specialised resources to help achieve this goal.

Hundreds of women across Australia have gained clarity on their purpose, strengths and values through Compass. They remove personal barriers to being their best and acquire new leadership skills to leverage with themselves and deal with others more effectively.


When someone is exploring the possibility of attending a program, we begin the process with a meeting to help each participant articulate their needs. Where appropriate, we offer further support beyond the program, tapping into the capability of our pool of experts (including accredited specialists in specific diagnostics, voice coaches, C-suite experts, visibility consultants, mindfulness coaches) to bring together the best people to design a customised development plan for the individual.


During the program we’ll quickly see shifts in mindset and confidence, and a growing belief that the individual can lead and influence her environment (and, in turn, our world) through using her newfound awareness of her strengths and personal purpose.


Towards the end of the program, we see distinct evidence of significant personal change including improved health, career advancement, better relationships with partners and children, and a greater sense of their ‘why’ driving their energy each day (to name a few!).


Personally, this is one of my favourite parts of working within our Global Women’s Project. We are creative, adaptable and supportive, and are making a difference in women’s lives. We take our role very seriously in carving out a privileged one-on-one opportunity to help them be their best. We ensure that women identify what might have been previously holding them back, and then leverage that to soar for the benefit of the collective around them.

Author, Ami Summers, Coach, co facilitator and Senior cultural auditor