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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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The origins of this adage are lost in time, though it was recorded as far back as 12th Century Persia.

Its simple message is that our greatest triumphs and our most crushing defeats are fleeting; in the end everything is transient. It reminds us that no matter how bitter or how sweet, this moment, this outcome too, shall pass.

The wisdom of framing our thinking in this way is that we can look beyond temporary outcomes and focus instead on our learning. Today went brilliantly but, this too shall pass, so what can I take away that I learned from it? Or, today was horrible, a complete train wreck but, this too shall pass, so what will I take away that I learned from it?

This is the essence of what it is to be Self-Actualising – this is what it takes to grow as a human being.


Author, Marshall Cowley, Senior Consultant, Dattner Group