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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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Part One - YOU
You deserve a break, truly, all of you. Soon you will close your computer, turn your head away from Zoom, from a life online, the pressure of deadlines, winning business, serving customers, pivoting endlessly, and worrying about doing the right thing for others. You will stretch yourself, rub your face, look around, and say ‘enough’!

You will tidy things up, put on your out of office. Stand up, and walk away from your workstation in an office, in your living room, kitchen, laundry, kid’s bedroom, shared workspace. You will let go.

Some of you have demons to let go of – endless worries about family far away, or friends working in hospitals. Some of you have goodbyes to say, hearts to heal and love to give for things you couldn’t do in final moments in immediate times gone by.

You recognise that you deserve time outside, in the sun, at the sea, walking in a park. You deserve play time with family and friends, four-legged and two. You deserve to hear people at play in restaurants, parks, by the sea and in the likely endless shopping malls. You will accept being subjected to the sound of Bing Crosby, singing yet another 1950s Christmas carol, evoking dissonant images of snow and reindeer and beautiful Christmas trees.

Whether you like Christmas or not, follow its religious or oddly sectarian ideologies, whether you like your family gatherings and presents or not, are vegan or eat pork, you will breathe a sigh of relief that for a time, you can let go and just have some unbridled fun.

I want this too.

What a ride, what an incredible, era defining, life-changing, profound, evocative, worldwide ride.

And, why we all deserve a break is because it will all still be there when we come back in 2022 and we each must decide what we want from this life we have, this wonderful lottery that we’ve won.

It is vitally important we have down time. No question on this. However, as we start to refuel, it will be essential, for all of us, to reflect on what has happened and what the implications are, for each of us.

Here are some of the questions I will ask myself:

  1. What have I done well?
  2. What have I struggled with?
  3. What have I learnt about myself?
  4. What is my sense of purpose, the greater ‘why’ for what I do?
  5. Did I live true to this?
  6. What do I value, hold to be important and have I behaved in alignment with what I value?
  7. What do I want from my world of work – being part of something ethical, purposeful, values aligned, collaborative, inclusive and legacy minded?
  8. Am I rewarded fairly – not more, not less, just fairly?
  9. What do I expect from leaders above me?
  10. What sort of world ahead do I want to be part of?


The answers to these questions will ensure you make wise choices in 2022, choices that will impact the quality of your life, the health of your family and friends. In the context of the work you do, the answers to your questions will help you to resolve ‘Do I stay, or do I go, do I accept what I ended 2021 with or do I want more or different things as life journeys forward?’

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape the future we want, to ask more of leaders and the organisations they lead and to expect more.

We have all learnt that 100% flexibility of work arrangements not only works for many people and many job classifications but improves engagement and commitment. We know some leaders and organisations will resist this, insisting return to full time office-based work. Those companies will quickly discover that talented accountable staff will disagree. If you want me, keep trusting me, as you did when you had no other choice.

We have learnt that suits and ties and high heels are fun for dates, but they say nothing about our ethics, professionalism, or capability. Seeing people in Zoom calls, all with the same square inch of space, in home environments, with kids squawking in the background, cats walking across the screen mid speech, and dogs barking in the background, didn’t undermine our credibility. In fact, they did the reverse, they humanised us, brought us together.

We created communities with shared purpose and common values, we worked hard in the face of significant challenge, and we worked together. We managed home schooling, job losses, separation from families and friends. We did this together.

All you need to do in your down time is remember what enabled us. Remember your part in this journey. Keep it front of mind and expect the best of this experience to guide you when you make choices for life in 2022 and beyond.

This way we can shape the future we want; not inherit the future we fear.

Be clear and courageous.

The Great Resignation, as it is coined, is much of humanities recognition that life can be a whole lot better.

We collectively stepped off the spinning wheel.

Do you want to step back on?


Fabian Dattner

Founder, Speaker, Senior Consultant & Coach


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