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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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Great leaders learn from shortcomings, the things that didn’t quite go to plan, and they celebrate the wins and failings.

As we approach the end of the year and try to cram all those last-minute things in before our well-earned break, it is more important than ever to take stock of the year that was. Self-reflection, insight, and personal enquiry are the pillars on which great leadership stand.

To that end, now it is the perfect time to ponder: self, others, and context. To aid in this reflection see part 1 of this 3-part exercise below. It will only take 10 mins, but the clarity and level of profound insight will pay you back immensely as you enter the holidays and new year.

To begin, take an introspective look at yourself as you stand in this very moment. Record your answers to the questions below in the Self circle of this worksheet.


Part 1: Self (first)

Take time to reflect on this year; what has challenged you, what have you learnt, what has given you joy, what’s pained you, where you were in March, and where are you now.

  • Think about what you value for yourself (yes, just you, not your family, pets, pot plants, children, friends, or work, just you). How do you know you are getting what you really want? What is the behaviour you see in yourself or others that confirms what you want (and often need to feel fully yourself, in the groove)?
  • Think about your heartbeat, your spirit. Your sense of agency and your sense of belonging. Do you feel centered, part of the whole, comfortable in your own skin?
  • Think about your health, your body, this one thing you have complete control over that will carry your mind and heart to its last breath. Are you caring for yourself as you wish (not as others wish or society expects, just as you wish)?


It is a good time to identify one or two credible aspirations that you have full control over, that will give you a greater sense of congruence with yourself first and foremost.

This is not selfish, it is practical. If you don’t ensure your own core is stable, then it is close to impossible to fully contribute to others or within a broader context.


Next week we will look at part 2 & 3 of this self-reflective exercise where we take a deep dive into others & context. Click here to view.