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    Tasman Broekman-Dattner

    Director & Co-Founder – Open Door

About me

I got into the business of recruitment and consulting for two reasons. Firstly, I enjoy people oriented work. I started my career in a technical role and, eight months in as my eyelids become heavy enough to close on the job, I realized there was no way a technical career would work for me. I have since been in the services sector and I find engaging with, developing, coaching and supporting others the most energizing line of work.

Secondly, I believe that most of the good in the world, from economic prosperity to salvaging our rapidly degenerating natural environment, is as a consequence of diverse leadership. I work daily to amplify the influence of women in the world for the betterment of the individual and workplace and, inseparably, our planet.


My clients appreciate the time I spend getting to understand their business and requirements. I am very familiar the subtle nuances of effective leadership and I use this to ensure I provide a recruitment solution that fits the job brief and aligns with my clients’ strategy and organisational culture.

My candidates appreciate my warmth, honesty, support and follow up. A candidate that is not a fit for a role is the first one to experience the dark side of recruitment that gives the industry such a bad rap. I ensure my candidates experience with me is consistent irrespective of where they fit in to the recruitment processes I am managing.

If you’ve read this far, get in touch. After all, action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often (M. Twain).