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For the Greater Good

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About Me

Christina Canters is a facilitator with Compass. She is passionate about helping ambitious professionals and business leaders dramatically increase their influence, confidence and impact at work, through learning powerful communication techniques.

A former Architect, Christina discovered during her 10 years in the architecture industry that being technically skilled is not enough if you want to succeed in the workplace – you must also be able to speak, communicate and lead effectively.


Having overcome her own anxiety around public speaking, Christina left her architecture career to focus on helping other professionals develop the emotional intelligence and soft skills required to excel in their careers. An engaging and high-energy facilitator, Christina educates and inspires audiences with her compelling storytelling, passion and humour.

She has worked with organisations including: SEEK, HTC, Vision Australia, Stockdale & Leggo, The University of Melbourne, RMIT Activator, Dulux and Sugar Australia.

Christina is also a long-time podcast host, having produced her own shows since 2013. Her podcast ‘Stand Out Get Noticed’ is one of the top-ranked public speaking and business communication podcasts in iTunes, with over 1.6 million downloads.