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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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Construction and engineering have to traditionally been male – dominated environments. We are seeing a slow-but-sure shift to one which is more balanced, however it can be a very long journey to achieve the sorts of gender balance that we would commonly see in other industries. Our modelling suggests that even with a concentrated focus on shifting the balance, it can take the “average” construction company more than a decade to reach parity +/-5%. Even where there is a strong desire to address gender balance within teams, leaders need to invest in the culture of the organisation to ensure that changes are seen positively and contribute to a healthy culture. Our Bridging The Gap program uniquely helps organisations address this need. Contact us to discuss how Bridging The Gap will help your organisation achieve its gender balance objectives in the best possible manner.

Some of your challenges

  • Government legislation changes
  • Consolidation, mergers and acquisitions
  • Attracting and retaining local talent
  • Gender balance across teams
  • Efficiency and utilisation
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Cultural divide between frontline employees and the Executive

Some of our solutions

  • Creating a culture of collaboration and resource sharing
  • Enabling leaders to drive engagement
  • Managing culture and human capital during and after merger/acquisition
  • Building trust and creating a culture of safety
  • Managing and nurturing gender balance initiatives
  • Measuring and developing leadership capability
  • Measuring and developing an effective culture