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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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Strategy Development

One of the landmark capabilities at Re:Think is the ability to align culture to strategy at all levels. To do that effectively, however, an organisation must have a cutting-edge strategy. Re:Think can put your organisation’s strategy to the test and ensure its design, communication, implementation and measurement meets the mark.

Strategic Engagement Processes

Strategic engagement processes are critical to moving strategy from board or executive articulation, to a living, whole-of-company proposition. Too often, strategy is compromised by the culture and people responsible for implementation. This can include slowness to adopt change, reluctant process improvement, pessimism around restructuring and reluctance to reduce costs, to name a few.

Re:Think has extensive experience in designing engagement processes that win the ‘heart and head’ of an organisation’s employees to the ‘why’ of strategy and how to operationalise it. The result is not only the adoption of strategy, but also the engagement to, and proactive pursuit of, strategic implementation. 

For more information, contact us here or call our team on 03 8400 5266.