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Leadership Diagnostics

Leadership diagnostics complement leadership development. They are the ‘data’ of leadership and self-awareness, shifting insight from guesswork or self-assessment to high-quality, robust and reliable insights for leaders.

Re:Think has over 40 diagnostic accreditations within the business. We don’t rely on a single tool; we prefer to choose the right tool (or suite of tools) for each organisation and strategic outcome.

Leadership Capability Frameworks

Through a consultative process with the senior leaders in an organisation, Re:Think can help create a Leadership Capability Framework that effectively amalgamates the capabilities we know to be central for effective leadership with those capabilities considered critical to the effective leadership in your organisation. The framework is then used as a 360-degree assessment tool and can be integrated into an online platform for measurement and distribution.

Some commonly used diagnostic tools include:

Leadership Alignment Audits

Leadership alignment audit processes usually precede work with leadership teams. They are customised to the organisation and can involve listening to each leader’s perspective on purpose and values, the organisation’s perceived strengths and challenges, and perceived leadership capability. Interviews are confidential, with findings patterned and compiled into a report. Executive work is designed on the back of the findings. This ensures good-quality intelligence informing program design and high levels of engagement due to broad involvement in the data-collection process.

Leadership Development Programs

(Including self-awareness, emotional intelligence, resilience & mindfulness, business acumen, teamwork and many other modules).

Re:Think has run short- to long-term leadership programs in many organisations and with many levels of leadership.

Programs typically involve a selection of key diagnostics and cultural assessment tools married with insight into the organisation’s strategic intention. This process is often done in collaboration with the executive team.

Typically, programs run over 12 months, two days per module, two-to-three months between modules. We use ‘triads’ or learning teams to embed program content into the organisation, to maintain momentum and create a shared language of change. The outcome of the program(s) and triad work is to quickly and pragmatically address the organisation’s needs while nurturing a long-term change agenda.

For more information, contact us here or call our team on 03 8400 5266.