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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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Re:Think has developed a unique process that runs parallel to other leadership development programs. The All-Staff Engagement system is designed to ensure that people at all levels of an organisation can provide feedback on what they are observing as a result of the overarching leadership development investment. The process drives ‘all-staff engagement’ to the work being delivered and the corresponding change visible in their leaders, organisational values and purpose, and other programmatic outcomes.

This was recently run in several large-scale leadership projects (100+ participants) and has provided black-and-white evidence of transformational change in an organisation’s culture when there is broader visibility to leadership development and the organisational changes that come as a consequence. This includes increased collaboration, cross-functional alliances, greater buy-in to strategy, reduced blaming/complaining, and broad recognition and support for leadership development. The process is an adaptation of the well-regarded World Café methodology used in many organisations to date.

For more information, contact us here or call our team on 03 8400 5266.