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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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Maintaining team cohesion and sense of ‘can do’

Helping teams share and process what they are thinking and feeling, as an enabler to move forward (we don’t always have to solve everyone’s problems); building an achievement orientation even when the scope of opportunity seems diminished.


Staying connected and why this enables a team to climb a mountain without oxygen

In environments where anxiety, fear and/or ambiguity prevail and when people are dispersed (and functionally working own task – and in current times virtually) how to make sure hearts, minds and keyboards are connected.


Your values in action in times of difficulty

How different parts of the business value different things (i.e. finance, operations, sales); how we build understanding in stressful circumstances, of what people hold to be important and so what determines where effort goes and how decisions are made; how to be sensitive to this difference, how to identify commonality/whole of business priorities. Outcome: Effort goes where it is needed, decisions are aligned, understanding is enhanced, blame and judgement fall away.


Emotional intelligence when it counts

Understanding cognitive/technical capability versus emotional intelligence; how to identify who in the team has the latter and how to use it (recognising, understanding and managing emotions in self and others).



Easy comms in hard times

Creating an enduring and robust internal communication flow that everyone can use quickly and efficiently; assessing each emerging issue/opportunity and providing a matrix decision tool on what to do, who to do it with and how.


Keeping Exec teams sane and united

Clarity in an Executive and ensuring leadership is collaborative, inclusive and legacy minded. Identifying critical points of interdependence (what can only be addressed by the team as a whole); keeping people out of silos.


The stories we tell ourselves

How our history defines our behaviour under pressure, we create a future we fear rather than the one we aspire to; why crisis can bring us together, but very quickly pull us apart.


Why listening matters and why we are so bad at it

Impact of distraction and task orientation on listening; how this undermines cohesion and clarity; how to listen intentionally for the underlying narrative of a team and the individuals in the team.

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