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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) have worked with Dattner Group extensively on leadership capability at a number of organisational levels. Cultural indexes have improved, organisational effectiveness continues to improve and RACGP is flourishing.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) is Australia’s largest professional general practice organisation, representing 35,000 members in general practice. Their mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of all people in Australia by supporting GPs, general practice registrars and medical students through education, training and research.

They are the peak body for professional development, assessment and resourcing in that sector. Their member base is, therefore, a highly educated, discerning and important one. The assessment procedures RACGP administer can have significant impact on  the career of a GP, just as the education of a GP can have a significant impact on their patients. Consequently, leadership at RACGP have been focused on a high-performing culture for many years, appreciating the power of culture to deliver quality service and efficiency.

Dattner Group was commissioned in 2013 to work with RACGP on a range of initiatives. Since the first engagement, Dattner Group has worked with the organisation on:

  • Improving business acumen
  • A leadership capability framework for 360-degree assessment
  • An online learning platform to give leaders access to quality development content as required
  • Building greater cultural engagement
  • Selection of key senior personnel
  • Hard Talks – a program focused on empowering leaders to manage difficult, high- stakes conversations
  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Mental fitness and resilience

As well as many other leadership development and culture topics.

Over the years working with RACGP, Dattner Group has had the pleasure of engaging approximately 110 leaders in the organisation. During that time, RACGP’s Engagement Survey levels have risen from 63% in 2013 to 77.4 % in 2016, now placing the College in the ‘Best Employer’ range.

Further, senior executives including Paul Moloney (GM of HR) and Zena Burgess (CEO) have been deeply involved in the program and consistently show an exceptional regard for the power of culture and leadership to drive business performance.

The culture data, coupled with qualitative insights into life at RACGP, highlight a highly collaborative environment through which people have a sense of commitment, feel respected, included, recognised and satisfied with their jobs. This continues to position RACGP as the leading provider of like services to GPs in Australia and enables them to continue to deliver exceptional, efficient services.

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