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Leader as Coach


Leader as Coach Workbook:

Jim Grant has cleverly put together this unique Workbook to assist the leader who is responsible for managing the performance and nurturing the well-being of the people they work with. This Workbook will help the leader coach others more effectively – on the ground, in real time, in real situations, with real day-to-day problems, challenges and triumphs.

It is designed as a ready reference tool, providing theory, context and anecdotes, and containing a number of exercises designed to test the leader’s current skill levels and deepen their understanding of the key elements of the coaching process. Each chapter is essentially about learning new things as well as reinforcing what the leader might already know. The focus of the workbook is always directed at changing behaviour.

The aim of the workbook is to help the leader, as coach, develop an appropriate response to the particular issues or problems faced by those they work with.


Leader as Coach Card Set:

Designed as an accompaniment to the Coaching Workbook, the Leader as Coach Cards will help you pragmatically apply the insights and skills from the Workbook. Filled with prompts, reminders, checklists and summaries, they distil the most pragmatic elements into 46 handy, 100 x 75mm cards that can be used individually or in teams.

Whether they’re used as an memory aid in coaching sessions, as discussion prompts within your team meetings or as a methodical way of grounding your own development, these cards will become an invaluable aid to your practice as a coach. They are also useful in dialogue with clients, i.e. give them a card as a prompt to re-think or re-frame a problem. The cards explore many of the human dimensions that have huge leadership impact such as personality, social motives, learning styles and emotional intelligence and so can be used as a lead into exploring these areas with your client. The cards are colour coded to match the layout and structure of the Leader as Coach Workbook.



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