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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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The Dattner Group is excited to announce that Jamie Crain has joined as Enterprise Director.

In his newly formed role, Jamie will help the team position the business for its next growth chapter. We are looking to expand the support we can give to our clients’ businesses, and beyond.  Jamie brings a broad commercial skill-set having worked in senior roles within the airline, automotive, energy and professional services industries.


Jamie said: “We all know that there have been considerable advances and investment in technology, processes, and general business practices over the years. However, in many instances it is the practice of leadership that needs to be challenged – the culture that leaders influence is increasingly central to performance. Now, more than ever, we see businesses struggling to realise their strategic goals because all too often, the volume of day to day work sees culture play second fiddle. The brave and insightful work that Fabian and the Dattner Group do genuinely helps leaders and staff alike challenge the status quo, and I am delighted to be part of that story.


Fabian said: “I don’t believe you can ever overstate the challenge that leaders face, day by day, to do what needs to be done. In the next decade, that challenge is set to ramp up in a way few people fully understand. We will do everything in our power to help organisations in all quarters feel as prepared as possible – engaged, aligned, stubbornly optimistic and passionate about contribution. Jamie is a crucial part of our team and a steady and informed hand supporting a highly visionary team.”




The Dattner Group, comprising Dattner Grant, Open Door Recruitment and Development, and Compass, the transformational leadership course for women, is a collaboration of organisations with a common purpose: focusing on rebuilding trust in leadership for the greater good.


  • Dattner Grant – delivering transformational leadership and culture programs for organisations of all sizes and at all levels
  • Open Door Recruitment & Development – a specialised recruitment service elevating the visibility of women in business
  • Compass – an important initiative for unlocking courage in women, via public or bespoke programs, organisational and one-on-one offerings


Dattner Group is a strategic sponsor of Homeward Bound, a global initiative for women leading in STEMM, co-founded by Fabian.