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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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The first thing to ask yourself is simply ‘Do I believe our world is different from 50 years ago?’

Then ask yourself in what ways does this influence the work I/we do:


  1. How would I describe the rate of change in our business/sector?
  2. If I compare our business today to a parallel business in, say, the 1950s, what are the noticeable changes?
  3. How has technology changed what we do?
  4. In what markets are we operating (compared to a parallel business in, say, the 1980s)?
  5. What jobs do we need to do today, compared to 50 years ago?
  6. What talent to we attract/need to attract?
  7. What are the demographics of our employees (age, gender, culture, education, etc.)?
  8. Has this changed in the last 50 years?
  9. How would I describe the complexity of what we now do (not complex, fair, somewhat complex, very complex)?
  10. Is our market changing, if so in what ways?
  11. How have we been managing in this changing world (i.e. restructures)?
  12. How important is leadership development in the first 11 answers?
  13. How much do we spend on CAPEX and what is our comparative percentage spend on leadership development?


Our experience at Dattner Group suggests that very little is spent, relatively, on leadership development and a fortune is being spent daily on innovations and restructures to create market share/competitiveness.

Our proposition is simple: the world humans have created for themselves has many wonderful aspects. It also has some truly awful ones. The practice of leadership has to evolve commensurate with both what we are creating and the problems we need to solve.

Are you satisfied with your investment?

Are you satisfied with the return?


Fabian Dattner, Founder Dattner Group & CEO Homeward Bound