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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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Times of uncertainty require novel marriages of industry and expertise – it’s part of the new paradigm of leadership.

Aviation has learned from over 100 years of innovation, tragedy and achievement that humans are the critical but often most fallible component of the complex union of people, technology and environment.

Along the way, the culture and mindset of entire aviation companies – from CEO to baggage handler – have shifted to the point where the safest modern airlines prioritise communication, protection against systemic failure and a constant safety-first mindset to protect the front line of operations. Aviation businesses rely on their safety reputations for profitability, customer retention and their continuing license to operate.

The practice of Aviation Human Factors was developed 40 years ago as a remedy to the human failures that contributed to serious aircraft accidents. Putting people at the centre of a complex operational environment addressed issues of:

• Hierarchical control
• Poor or misunderstood communication
• Lack of a shared mental model for prioritisation
• Workload mis-management from fatigue and stress
• Judgement in collaborative decision making

Airline pilots are the last line of defence against organisational, regulatory and procedural system failures. They thrive in operational management environments where time and risk require constant management, bringing capabilities to:

• Scan the environment for new information
• Formulate strategies in short time horizons
• Identify and respond to volatile shifts in the environment
• Facilitate solutions to unexpected problems
• Make key tactical decisions with accountability
• Ensure timely and clear team communication
• Understand human psychology of stress and fatigue

The world has learned the hard way the effects of mismanaging the human contribution to the operational equation. Airline pilots offer industry transferrable expertise in operational leadership, managing high value assets, people and consequences of risk based decisions.

Times of uncertainty require novel marriages of industry and expertise – it’s part of the new paradigm of leadership.

Dattner Group has formed an innovative and specialised partnership, introducing two new consultants to our team. Both are International Airline Captains, operational managers and highly experienced facilitators. They offer experience under pressure, a unique body of knowledge and practice to Executive Teams across industries and aim to support business by adding an aviation mindset to enhance operational effectiveness. We see significant value in regulated and safety focussed sectors and projects, including health, logistics, supply chain and resources.

We are developing this novel offering to help leadership teams respond to unexpected change whilst maintaining calm. Managing all the available resources to implement tactical strategies for time dependent challenges. This is the lived experience of an airline captain and they are here to support you.