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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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These are the things leaders say when they know that they are doing the right things; they see it, feel it, own it.

Leaders know that emotions matter, they are a strength not a weakness. They recognise that growth is incremental – take time, do the right things and inevitably we will all grow. Small tweaks in culture, capability and structure are better than massive overhauls (we are all so tired of this).

All leaders know that it is important to pause and take time with the people you lead, task should not outweigh relationships. What is it like to work for me, to be on the other side of my face? A leader who cannot look in the mirror and see themselves as others do can’t lead, we all know this.

But to do this well we need toolkits, things that help us look at ourselves honestly and insightfully. The truth is, even in the spaces we love and are most loved, we are often not aware of the impact we have. We arrive home after a long day of hard work and many meetings, and the worst of us walks into our most private space. It is hard on partners, siblings, kids, parents and friends.

Great leadership is a whole of life affair; the days of dividing work and home are over. We must learn to be more honest and open with each other, because our work has become an incredibly important part of our lives. Many of the people we work with become friends; they are the ones we share worries with, they are the ones we strive beside, and they are often the ones who share our failures as much as our successes.

The more people who are on the journey with leaders, the more leaders who are on the journey with the people they lead, the better our businesses becomes. We give each other permission to be vulnerable and when we are vulnerable, we build trust. When we trust each other, we have real conversations and deal safely with difficult stuff. When we deal with difficult stuff, we can build deep level commitment and accountability.

This is all common sense. We work hard to make this common practice.


Fabian Dattner, Founder Dattner Group & CEO Homeward Bound

Michelle Crouch, Consultant & Coach / Operations Director