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We work with organisations, teams and individuals to help them reach their full potential

Dattner Group team members and associates are accredited in over 30 assessment tools designed to help individuals, teams and organisations reach their full potential. We pride ourselves on creating psychologically safe spaces, where exploration is a positive, enlightening and transformational experience for all. Some of our most commonly used diagnostics include:

Life Styles Inventory™

Human Synergists LSI 1 & 2 gives individuals and groups a way to see, measure, and change their thinking and behavioural styles using a common language and visual model.

At Dattner Group we incorporate LSI 1 & 2 inventories in our Compass programs, coaching packages and as part of our bespoke leadership development programs to help individuals and groups enhance their leadership capabilities, visibility, and impact.

Organisational Culture Inventory® and Organisational Effectiveness Inventory®

We use Human Synergistics OCI/OEI to assess the heart of an organisation’s cultural makeup, identify opportunities for change, and design implementation strategies to drive transformation.

A two-part process, OCI, provides a profile of an organisation’s operating culture in terms of behavioural norms – ‘how we do things around here’ while identifying the culture leaders and employees aspire to – ‘how we want to do things around here’.

Completed in tandem with the OCI, the OEI is designed to provide a deeper understanding of an organisations culture using valid, reliable and useable data. Together the OCI and the OEI provide a complete picture of the case for change.


Designed by Organisational Psychologists, Coaches and industry experts, CILCA 360 recognises, supports and develops leadership qualities specific to individuals and organisations in the care industry. Combining data from self-assessments and feedback gathered from peers across the domains of Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Purpose, Leading Business, and, Leading Change, as well as the ACQS and NDIS, CILCA 360 not only provides opportunities for growth and development but helps organisations foster psychologically safe environments.

Find out how to access CILCA 360 subsidised leadership development here.  

Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey

A holistic, evidence-based set of online, virtual and in-person solutions, the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey allows us to help organisations embed wellbeing in their organisation to boost productivity and encourage well-balanced, engaged and dynamic leaders and teams. Through the GLWS, we focus on multiple dimensions of wellbeing across all aspects of an individual’s life, including the personal and professional, and assist them to take actionable steps to target and address wellbeing priorities.  

The Birkman Method

Reporting on both behavioural and occupational data, The Birkman Method leverages a unique methodology for assessing personality through positive psychology – the goal of which is to help people live and flourish rather than just exist. By revealing an individual’s motivations, self-perception, social perception, and mindset and how they influence one another, Dattner Group assists clients to better understand the emotions and the actions that drive their life so they can more from a place of surviving to thriving.


Developed by Peter Salovey, Jack Mayer and David Caruso, and considered one of the most reliable and valid measures of EI, MSCEIT is the only abilities-based test designed to measure and develop emotional intelligence across a range of key areas. Combined with coaching, MSCEIT enables people to monitor their own and others’ feelings and emotions, and use this information strategically and intelligently to communicate more effectively, increase personal resilience and achieve goals.


Emotional and social intelligence is a key predictor of leadership effectiveness, and employee engagement and innovation. Using 360 feedback and self-assessment data gathered through the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI), Dattner Group helps individuals and organisations increase performance, innovation and teamwork, while building motivation and trust.


DiSC® is a personal development model that helps people understand why they do what they do! As a behavioural assessment framework, DiSC helps individuals and organisations determine theirs and their teams leadership strengths and weaknesses, providing more self-awareness and insight, and improving performance and teamwork. For leaders genuinely interested in becoming more effective, DiSC can help them learn important things about themselves and those they seek to influence.


Used in Compass, coaching and as part of our bespoke leadership programs, 4Mat provides a framework and common language for understanding the way individuals and organisations learn, grow and evolve. As one of the most widely used instructional formats in the world, 4MAT teaches individuals how to identify styles of learning, implement the best methods to reach those learning styles, both inside and outside an organisation or team, and drive innovation and growth.

Reach out to find out how we can help you develop and grow your individual, team and organisational leadership, wellbeing and emotional intelligence capability using evidence-based diagnostics and coaching.

Want to learn more about our people and their accreditations? Visit Our Team and Our Associates.

Programmed partnered with Dattner Group to enhance leadership capability in our Senior Leadership Teams. The outcome of it has surpassed our expectation. Our leaders have been challenged both professionally and personally and their leadership style is now more authentic, vulnerable, caring, empathic and inspirational. Working with Fabian and her team has been tremendous. Her approach and genuine care for people flows throughout the program delivery and her ability to call out an issue and work through the problem is a wonderful skill. We’re very impressed with the work done with Dattner Grant and would not hesitate recommending to other organisations.

Mark Rademaker

GM -Human Resources, Programmed

Working with the Dattner Group has been a deeply rewarding experience at the end of my long career as a scientist, environmentalist, and leader within biodiversity in Victoria. I would not have expected to learn so much about myself, to have evolved my leadership capability so thoroughly and to have had the chance to help create a crucial and constructive cultural legacy in the Arthur Rylah institute. The influence of the work we undertook –organisational values, executive and senior leadership development–has changed many smart, experienced scientist’s mindset on leadership.

Kim Lowe

Former Director Arthur Rylah Instititue, DELWP

In my capacity as General Manager with Broken Hill City Council we wanted to embark on a transformational change process to shift a uniquely ingrained organisational culture that had developed over 30+ years; I looked to Fabian Dattner of the Dattner Group to deliver on that transformation and boy did I get much more than I bargained for! Fabian and the team have led the organisation on a change journey like no other, pushing and testing to boundaries of our executive and senior leadership groups and making them think about every fibre of their being, testing our resolve and resilience.

James Roncon

Armidale Council General Manager (former Broken Hill City Council General Manager)

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