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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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Your company has flourished. Now, how do you keep that going?

Women Led Ventures coaching is for medium sized businesses inspired or led by women. The rise of businesses founded or inspired by women over the past decade has been significant, with two-thirds of new businesses being owned by women. In 2019, Australia emerged in the top 10 global markets to be a woman entrepreneur.

It takes courage, grit and an unwavering sense of self and commercial savvy to succeed in this market. In the life-cycle of business, coaching can support navigation through the evolution that  founders/owners need to make to realise opportunities and overcome challenges. Fabian Dattner, as founder and CEO of both Dattner Group and Homeward Bound, has walked many miles in these shoes with her teams and lends her patronage to this coaching offering.

Executive & Leadership Coaching Services For Women and Men Across Australia


Dattner Group is proud to offer Coaching services for women led ventures as part of our Executive Coaching Services across Australia and New Zealand. Based in Melbourne, our coaching suite offers coaching, targeted to your context. We’d love you to take a look around, see what suits your needs and get in touch.

For more information, contact us here or call our team on 03 8400 5266.


Begin by defining
the way forward.

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Bring everyone
along with you.

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Begin by defining the way forward.

Lockstep is all about charting the way that the business is set to take. Working 1:1 as founder and coach to explore the narrative and clarify the path forward.

  • Approach

    Dattner Group coaches are carefully matched to ensure understanding of the enterprise context, experience and credibility required to balance trust, value and challenge in the coaching relationship.


  • Inclusions

    Lockstep includes up to 12 hours of coaching support over a 6 month period when planning for the next step in the business life cycle, comprised of:

    • 1:1 coaching with a matched and credentialed coach
    • A mentoring conversation with Fabian Dattner
    • A leadership diagnostic
    • Visibility plan
    • Personal Strategy Map and Action Plan


Bring everyone along with you.

As your company grows and more people contribute to your mission, it becomes imperative to embed the culture you want to sustain for continued success. Your company values guide your decisions, including who will join, embrace and champion your shared goals.

  • Approach

    How clear is the team on where the business is going?

    Unison is a 2 day, facilitated group workshop for business teams of up to 20 people designed to chart the team’s alignment and commitment to the vision and path.

    Digital learning materials are provided and both virtual and face to face facilitation is available.

  • Objectives

    • Establish the lay of the land by assessing purpose, values, goals and leadership
    • Co-creation of your team charter
    • Establish goals, roles and ways of working that ensure the lived experience of culture realises the intended benefits
    • A team diagnostic is recommended to leverage evidence based action planning


Raise your voices as one.

Ensemble is a nod to singers who bring their individual contributions to produce synergy as a performing group. Every member of the company is a brand ambassador, making effective communication a core measure of performance.

  • Approach

    How clear are the messages you collectively communicate?

    Ensemble is a 1 day, facilitated group workshop for business teams of up to 20 people designed to clarify the purpose, audience, message, platform and evaluation of communication efforts.

    Digital learning materials are provided and both virtual and face to face facilitation is available.

  • Objectives

    • Alignment on communication purpose, goals, message and platform
    • Enhance individual roles and collective involvement in communication
    • Create understanding and engagement to help deliver business results
    • The power of personal storytelling to bring life to your brand and shared purpose
    • To turn strategy into action, people need translation. Awareness to Understanding, Translation to Commitment is a key measure of effective leadership


  • Dr Helen Young, Senior Staff Specialist in Paediatrics and Paediatric Neurology – Royal North Shore Hospital

    I first met Michelle when I undertook the Compass Executive Leadership course for women in 2019 and from this went on to personalised one on one coaching. The experience of coaching with Michelle has been genuinely life changing. She is a professional yet engaging coach who never puts words in my mouth but helps me to view the world through a constructive lens and clearly articulate my own potential. She is both enthusiastic and knowledgeable, ensuring that my program is personalised and that I utilise the tools that are most helpful to me. She manages to stay incredibly focused, even when I try to veer off down rabbit holes and never lets me “off the hook” ensuring every session is productive. Throughout this process I have learnt to understand myself much better, but I have also gained valuable insights into understanding those around me, helping me to encourage and coach them to reach their full potential. I can honestly say the process of coaching has been the best and most productive investment in myself I have ever made.

  • Hodi Beauliv, Executive Manager Business Development, Sunraysia Community Health Services

    Through monthly one-on-one coaching sessions coach Michelle Crouch helped me develop a plan to embed what I learned from the Compass leadership course into my day to day actions. She helped me add even more tools to my leadership toolbox, further building my emotional intelligence and resilience to consistently operate from a constructive leadership perspective. She was always there to support me, asking the right questions whenever I faced a challenge. Michelle made it possible for me to successfully transition to an executive level role. Thank you, Michelle!

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