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When life is a journey, it helps to know how to navigate it.

As a self directed learner, you know that keeping your skills relevant and marketable in a changing world is vital to success and fulfillment.  Managing work and life inter-dependencies can be a complex web, particularly when the boundaries are blurred and we are not traveling solo.

Personalised coaching is for individuals who are motivated to invest in their continuing development.  Whether you’ve hit a Turnpike, find yourself at a Waypoint or navigating the trail In Tandem, coaching is a powerful support for achieving your goals.


Where obstacles only mean a change,
not an end.

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Knowing your journey means knowing
the steps you need to take.

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In Tandem

Don’t take the wheel.
Share it.

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Where obstacles only mean a change, not an end.

Turnpike is an intensive and targeted coaching offering, aimed at overcoming a specific hurdle or managing key transitions.

For individuals who have identified a gap or barrier to manage, such as a performance gap in role, improving a stakeholder relationship, first 100 days coaching in the critical phase of a new job, defining a career strategy and plan, imminent decision support, or job market support.

  • Focus

    Targeted coaching is highly solutions focused around the goal. Developing constructive problem solving skills through exploration, strength building, action planning and practical application to the context.

  • Inclusions

    Turnpike includes up to 4 hours of coaching support within a 2-month period comprised of:

    • 1:1 specialised coaching session time
    • Resources and reviews linked to the goals e.g. resume, application review, correspondence
    • A supporting diagnostic tool may be recommended by your coach, depending on the goals


Knowing your journey means knowing the steps you need to take.

Waypoint coaching is for when you find yourself at a crossroad, where a GPS would help to find and live your true North. At particular career and life phases, coaching is an impactful methodology used to rediscover your purpose, align your values and map out your personal strategy and action plan.

  • Focus

    Waypoint sets similar aims to Dattner Group’s group leadership programs that take a holistic approach to enhancing leadership capability at work and in life. In situations where a group program may not fit your needs, we invite both men and women to this alternative, one to one and highly personalised coaching offering.

  • Inclusions

    Waypoint re-frames the way you view yourself, so you can lead authentically and with influence in accordance with your values through 10 hours of personalised coaching support comprised of:

    • A Life Styles Inventory (LSI 1) diagnostic
    • Values discovery
    • Creation of a personal strategy map
    • Putting goals into action
    • Access to self-development resources on the online Dattner Group Community Network

In Tandem

Don’t take the wheel. Share it.

In Tandem coaching is for functional dual career couples or business partners navigating both individual and shared goals.

  • Focus: Dual Career Couples

    About 70% of Australian households now have two working parents. This throws up some unique challenges to overcome. Assessing options and making decisions to balance career goals, advancement opportunities, home responsibilities and precious time with family.

    The need for In Tandem was realised after coaching hundreds of women in the Compass Leadership Program. In Tandem addresses the systemic barriers facing women and men managing work and life domains together.

  • Focus: Business Partnerships

    People often join business partnerships for financial reasons, but leave because of values, career or life goal misalignment. In Tandem coaching aims to support sustainability in the partnership.

  • Inclusions

    In Tandem includes up to 10 hours of dual coaching support including:

    • Life Styles Inventory diagnostic for each participant
    • Values discovery and share
    • Personal and combined strategy map
    • Putting SMART goals into action
    • Access to self-development resources on the online Dattner Group Community Network


  • Hodi Beauliv, Executive Manager Business Development, Sunraysia Community Health Services

    Through monthly one-on-one coaching sessions coach Michelle Crouch helped me develop a plan to embed what I learned from the Compass leadership course into my day to day actions. She helped me add even more tools to my leadership toolbox, further building my emotional intelligence and resilience to consistently operate from a constructive leadership perspective. She was always there to support me, asking the right questions whenever I faced a challenge. Michelle made it possible for me to successfully transition to an executive level role. Thank you, Michelle!

  • Helena Hurley, CEO – Good Return

    Compass has given me a renewed sense of energy and hope. It has provided me with invaluable insights as well as a number of tools to apply in my professional and personal life. It has helped me set sail into the future with greater purpose.

  • Brigid O’Sullivan, Mgr Communications – Western Water

    "The program has been transformational, grounded in theory, and facilitated with empathy and power. Each graduate will remain with me on my leadership development journey, as will the diagnostics and insight."

Amanda Ratnam – Clayton Utz

    "The Compass program was inspiring and life-changing for me. I learnt, but, most of all, experienced. Becoming more self-aware has already led to better outcomes for those I work with, deal with and for me, most of all. I cannot express how thankful I am for the opportunity to be a part of it."

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