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For the Greater Good

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Changing the world as a collective starts with one crucial part. Yours.

Adaptation is an inherent part of the business landscape. Charting the course and retaining capacity to deal with both planned and unpredictable events requires the practice of leadership to continuously evolve.

The willingness of people to commit and follow the path of their leaders through the challenges and successes relies on trust, inclusion and an authentic narrative. Knowing how to be your most effective self, your impact on others and the leading in your context are the key measures of sustainable leadership.

Whatever your context is for organisational leadership, our coaches will walk alongside you to achieve your goals. We also encourage a collaborative approach with your organisation sponsor.

Table 32

A new dining experience where all you need
is a healthy appetite for change.

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Crafting visionary leadership
with open hearts, minds and ears.

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In Field

Elevating those
on the ground.

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Table 32

A new dining experience where all you need is a healthy appetite for change.

Table 32 is a nod to Fabian Dattner’s Cherry Trees home in Melbourne. A place known to many senior leaders for dining and connection over conversations that matter.

  • Approach

    Several times a year, Fabian welcomes a small cohort of diverse peer leaders to her dining table for a down to earth meal and connected conversation about the evolving narrative of leadership. Recognising that the leadership that got us where we are, won’t get us to where we need to be.

  • Focus

    Expressions of interest are welcome from Senior Leaders committed to action for sustainable leadership. A seat at this table is warm, generous in knowledge share and we promise; both healthy and lively.


Crafting visionary leadership with open hearts, minds and ears.

Vantage is all about Executive coaching, with a focus on the broader perspective of leadership. The vantage point that encompasses inclusion, collaboration, leaders trusted with assets and people, including ‘He says, She says, We say’ dialogue as the most sustainable proposition for leadership in our Age.

  • Approach

    The most effective approach for sustained development and business performance comes from evidence based, business aligned and outcome focussed coaching. Over 6-12 months, we tailor coaching sessions to your goals, utilising the most relevant diagnostics for the leadership context. Dattner Group coaches bring personal leadership experience and credentialed coaching practice.

  • Focus

    • Greater Leadership Effectiveness
    • Managing Self
    • Driving accountability for more sustainable outcomes through inclusion of people, culture and trusted management of assets
    • Executive actions in support of the organisation’s Gender Equity and Sustainability Strategy
    • A peer group coaching session; ‘He says, She says, We say” to broaden perspective and target actions for positive advancement of business strategy

In Field

Elevating those on the ground.

In Field is all about Leadership coaching from where you are now to where you want to be. For leaders playing on the field, where opportunities and challenges come from any direction and often in a dynamic time horizon.

For purpose driven leaders, who believe their teams succeed most with freedom to think and act aligned to their individual and collective strengths for organisational impact.

  • Approach

    Over 6 months, leaders develop through monthly 1:1 coaching sessions, with access to resources on Dattner Group’s online Community Network and a team coaching session to embed and sustain desired outcomes.

  • Focus

    • Embedding organisation culture as a leader of people
    • Greater leadership effectiveness
    • Managing self
    • Driving accountability for more sustainable organisational outcomes


  • Dr Helen Young, Senior Staff Specialist in Paediatrics and Paediatric Neurology – Royal North Shore Hospital

    I first met Michelle when I undertook the Compass Executive Leadership course for women in 2019 and from this went on to personalised one on one coaching. The experience of coaching with Michelle has been genuinely life changing. She is a professional yet engaging coach who never puts words in my mouth but helps me to view the world through a constructive lens and clearly articulate my own potential. She is both enthusiastic and knowledgeable, ensuring that my program is personalised and that I utilise the tools that are most helpful to me. She manages to stay incredibly focused, even when I try to veer off down rabbit holes and never lets me “off the hook” ensuring every session is productive. Throughout this process I have learnt to understand myself much better, but I have also gained valuable insights into understanding those around me, helping me to encourage and coach them to reach their full potential. I can honestly say the process of coaching has been the best and most productive investment in myself I have ever made.

  • Hodi Beauliv, Executive Manager Business Development, Sunraysia Community Health Services

    Through monthly one-on-one coaching sessions coach Michelle Crouch helped me develop a plan to embed what I learned from the Compass leadership course into my day to day actions. She helped me add even more tools to my leadership toolbox, further building my emotional intelligence and resilience to consistently operate from a constructive leadership perspective. She was always there to support me, asking the right questions whenever I faced a challenge. Michelle made it possible for me to successfully transition to an executive level role. Thank you, Michelle!

  • Helena Hurley, CEO – Good Return

    Compass has given me a renewed sense of energy and hope. It has provided me with invaluable insights as well as a number of tools to apply in my professional and personal life. It has helped me set sail into the future with greater purpose.

Amanda Ratnam – Clayton Utz

    "The Compass program was inspiring and life-changing for me. I learnt, but, most of all, experienced. Becoming more self-aware has already led to better outcomes for those I work with, deal with and for me, most of all. I cannot express how thankful I am for the opportunity to be a part of it."

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