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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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    One World AtLast


A new online platform for members

Access, focus and go deeper with tailored content and courses.
Build purposeful connections with the other members who share goals and motivations.


If you’ve experienced Dattner Group, then you know that we are all about Leadership for the Greater Good.

Wholeheartedly and deeply embedded in our DNA is an urgent need for constructive leadership to be
Collaborative | Inclusive | Legacy Mindset Oriented | Trusted with Assets (Money and People)
including a ‘He Said, She Said, We Said’ approach to support the advancement of Women in Leadership.

We know you share our common purpose, so we developed One World AtLast; an online hub created exclusively for our Dattner Group community.

 As invited members of this community network, you’ll find collective insights, evidence based content, online courses and events all together in one place.


You are eligible to become a member of this community network if you are:

  • A Participant or Alumni
    of Compass

  • A Participant in any of Re:Think’s
    Culture and Leadership Programs

  • A Dattner Group Coaching Client

  • A Dattner Group Colleague
    or Collaborator


For you, it means no more jumping between platforms. This hub is our way of responding to the frustration and fatigue from cluttered news feeds and social media. An overload of news we’re not certain is real, click-bait, fear inducing sensationalism, updates, advertising – Frankly, a lot of noise.

This space is our ‘digital campfire’. 
A safe haven to gather, reflect and share accurate knowledge, insights and ideas for legacy minded outcomes.



As we build this community together, we have great features for creating exclusive content, deeper conversations and online learning opportunities. Plus, by building this community off social media, you can have a simpler experience with us and each other.


Sharing ideas and practices you can take into daily life. Make informed decisions about the things that are most important to you. Find a little inspiration, hear from the experts and change the game of leadership.


For eligible members, simply register and our Dattner Group host will send you an invitation to join.

We look forward to welcoming you to One World AtLast!