For the Greater Good

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Our research suggests that among Australia’s senior leaders there is a high degree of awareness and interest in the broader issues facing our planet. Leaders are aware of what is happening to our environment, the negative effects of technological sophistication, mental illness, political instability, poverty and many other global issues.

The primary driver of engagement is inspiration. Increasingly, employees – and particularly those in the younger generations – are inspired by organisations that make a difference.

Re:Think is developing a range of programs that can take key global, social and environmental issues and combine them with organisational purpose and commercial strategy to create organisational initiatives (culture/strategy) that not only actively steward key global issues, but do so in a commercially aligned manner and to the immense benefit and engagement of the organisation’s workforce.

Corporate Social Responsibility is not a side agenda for cutting-edge organisations. Instead, it is aligned with strategy and purpose, and is a tool for organisational performance, employee attraction, retention and engagement and genuine, positive global impact. Re:Think help organisations realise how.

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Re:Think, the Compass Women's Leadership Program and the link to leadership globally