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For the Greater Good

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For the Greater Good

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In July 2020, Dattner Group recognised that we needed to hear more women’s voices during this strange and unprecedented time of COVID.

We took the opportunity and gathered feedback from the women who have participated in our National Flagship Leadership Program, Compass. Here are the results.


Dattner Group believe the visibility and influence of women leading decisions that shape our future, may be the single biggest contributor to a sustainable world we have.

In July 2020, we gathered feedback from the women who have participated in our Compass Leadership Program for Women (600 women were surveyed, 55 responses). The Compass women’s leadership program is focused on building courage in women to take their place (to self, with others and in context).

Listening to women, and what is happening for women, at a time when so much is changing, is good for all of us. The results are not surprising as such, except in their kindness and honesty, simplicity and presence.

Some 88% of respondents work full time, and the greater majority have shifted from bustling offices, with workplace families, colleagues, systems, equipment, meeting rooms and good coffee, to home-based offices and all the compromises and opportunities it entails. Roles varied from founders of consultancies, to HR partners, executive directors/CEOs, to marketing people, program managers, architects, heads of production to finance, health, operations, business assistants, business developers, and corporate affairs.

The respondents represented a rich and diverse array of backgrounds and occupations. Women responded to this survey in a tangle of children, home schooling, pets, plants, partners, isolation, domestic bliss, domestic agony, too much food, not enough, increased, decreased workloads managing, fears about themselves family, friends and freedom. They are missing socialising, sharing meals, hugging loved ones, running, travelling, exploring, entertainment, and the rough and tumble of ordinary life.

They are also thinking about how the world has changed, what it is changing into and the price that we will all pay as things evolve.

To receive a copy of the full report, email compass@dattnergroup.com.au 

Or contact us here or call our team on 03 9431 2602 to find out more about our leadership development offerings, Compass women leadership services, and business coaching offerings.