For the Greater Good

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Hospitality is more than a subject at William Angliss – it is part of their core business.

As the Surveys Administrator at Dattner Grant, I don’t get out to see program delivery very often but (last week) I was able to observe a program delivered to a group of leaders at William Angliss Institute by Tim Ferris and Marshall Cowley, on the fascinating topic of ‘HardTalks’.


It was exciting to see the end product of our Dattner Grant team’s work and to see participants challenged, thinking and grappling with the issues of their core business. William Angliss’ desire is to deliver the highest quality specialist skills and education in foods, tourism, hospitality and events.

They take hospitality very seriously and demonstrated this with the excellent catering for the day and also inviting the Dattner Grant staff to stay for dinner in their ‘Angliss Restaurant’. The food was fantastic and the service by VET and VCAL students was outstanding. Thank you William Angliss Institute for demonstrating your values with some fantastic outcomes for us.


Author, Jo Cummings, previous Client Services Manager