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    Tailored Coaching Packages

    Stay on track with your development with an accredited coach


Good coaches can help create enduring behavioural change enabling you to get the most out of your life. They can also act as an accountability partner long after the Compass Program has ended, ensuring the momentum you felt during the course continues and you keep on track to achieving your desired goals.

3 Month Coaching Package

Keep the momentum up post the Compass leadership course

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6 Month Coaching Package

Cement your personal strategy and create a healthy life balance

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Long Term Mentoring

Stay the course with more frequent short and sharp sessions

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Need a little extra support to ensure you have bedded down the content from the Flagship Compass Leadership Course? Our three month coaching package after completion is a great way to explore particular elements of the course you want to deep dive into further.



    • Additional support to help refine a few key areas of content you explored in the Compass course
    • 3  x  1 – 1.5 hr monthly sessions on specific areas you wish to explore further
    • Powerful insights and practical, actionable takeaways
    • Accredited coaches who specialise in the development of women

    • Clarifying your purpose and values to ensure future decision making supports your goals
    • Understanding behavioural responses in relation to your LSI and effective ways to communicate
    • Working on your personal strategy map and practical goal setting
    • Additional diagnostics (if appropriate)
  • Investment

    • Price upon application. Please contact us for a quote

6 Month Coaching Package


Has Compass opened new ways of thinking about yourself and your place in the world that you hadn’t previously explored or given yourself the time to stop and think about? Co-design a solid platform that lasts over time with one of our expert Compass coaches.



    • An expert private coach to help you consolidate your personal strategy map
    • An accountability partner to guide you to achieving your goals and crystallising the knowledge and tools gained post the Compass course
    • 6 x monthly coaching sessions varying between 1 – 1.5 hrs in length, tailored to your specific goals
    • Unlimited access to email questions and phone conversations around key decision making times
  • Areas to explore

    • Deep diving into purpose, values and visionary goals
    • Understanding your LSI report and co-designing strategies to bring more Constructive behaviours to the forefront of your mind
    • Refining your personal strategy map and identifying trade-offs required for sustainable changes
    • Build upon the fundamentals of your visibility strategy from the course and ensure clarity around your core message and key audience
    • Additional diagnostics (if appropriate)
  • Investment

    • Price upon application. Please contact us for a quote

Long Term Mentoring


Mentoring provides the perfect canvas to have regular check-ins with an accredited Compass coach to work through any challenges which arise week to week. If you are having difficulty implementing the learnings from the course and need someone to keep you on track long term, mentoring could make all the difference.

  • Who is it for?

  • What to expect

    • Short and sharp bursts of inspiration to keep you motivated and moving toward your goals
    • Commence with a 1 hr introductory session to outline goals and measures for success with an accredited coach
    • 1/2 hr session every fortnight for a minimum of 6 months
  • Areas to explore

    • Workshop a current challenge you are faced with or working through
    • Expert guidance and practical actionable takeaways after each session
    • Additional diagnostics (if appropriate)
  • Investment

    • Price upon application. Please contact us for a quote


  • Jodi Cant, Strategic Planner, DELWP

    Not only does each coaching session build on my learning from Compass, but I walk away from every time with clear strategies and actions that I can practice.  Michelle provides great support both during and in between sessions, encouraging me to be courageous, to be curious, and to step outside my comfort zone and try a different approach. With every session I learn a little more and with every practice I realise how much more I can do.

  • Theng Kittikhoun, National Planning and Analysis Manager, Salvation Army

    Post the Compass Women’s Leadership course I wanted further support to help distil the knowledge I had gained into actionable takeaways that I could pragmatically apply to my life. My one-on-one monthly coaching sessions with Michelle Crouch allowed me to feel supported, cement my personal strategy map and implement small changes in both my personal and professional life that led to a mindset shift. Michelle was deeply insightful, always asked the right questions and helped me to achieve the goals I had set out for myself both personally and professionally.

  • Hodi Beauliv, Executive Manager Business Development, Sunraysia Community Health Services

    Through monthly one-on-one coaching sessions Compass coach Michelle Crouch helped me develop a plan to embed what I learned from the Compass leadership course into my day to day actions. She helped me add even more tools to my leadership toolbox, further building my emotional intelligence and resilience to consistently operate from a constructive leadership perspective. She was always there to support me, asking the right questions whenever I faced a challenge.  Michelle made it possible for me to successfully transition to an executive level role. Thank you, Michelle!


  1. Contact us* for a discovery call to chat about your needs

  2. You will receive a tailored coaching proposal via email

  3. Your coaching sessions are scheduled in at a mutually agreeable time

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